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Letters to the Editor – May 2017

Randy Ambrose response on fresnoalliance.com to February article “Wheezing and Choking in Malaga” by Tom Franz  “Great article. Good to see someone digging into where our pollution comes from. It [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – April 2017

Ballot Observation News!! Emily Cameron Clovis, CA I started off as a Bernie volunteer with a mission to monitor the Registrar of Voters so our candidate would be treated fairly. What we saw was much [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – March 2017

Status Quo at the DNC By Yezdyar S. Kaoosji The expected has happened! Tom Perez was just elected to chair the Democratic National Committee. The earlier re-election of Nancy Pelosi as House [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – February 2017

The Blood of the Revolution By Akapl Kecholli When is enough going to be enough? We continue to allow our culture to be stolen, our dignity is lying in the street, leaking from our sons and daughters. [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – January 2017

Community Alliance Lifts Spirits By Daniel Holmes Hello to you at Community Alliance. I had the good fortune to come across one of your little newsletter papers in here – Wow! You people are really [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – Dec 2016

A New Reality By Susan Schmale Sanger, CA Hi, Hannah. I wanted to email you after reading the first issue published with you as editor, but then "life happened" as usual, and I had no time. I don't [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – November 2016

How long will California be blind? Antonio Smith. Valley State Prison, Chowchilla, Cal. I can and do agree with prison for those unsympathetic, who chooses not to change, etc . . . Now for those with [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – Oct 2016

By Yezdyar S. Kaoosji Thanks to Emily Cameron for the article “Philly or Bust: Fresno Activists go to the DNC”. Reading it made me feel I was attending the convention myself. I was able to fill in the [...] Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor – August 2016

Food Not Bombs Hi, my name is Brittney Fairburn. My boyfriend, Ruben Jimenez, and I have been in charge of running the Sunday Food Not Bombs meals for many years. Food Not Bombs receives donations [...] Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor – July 2016

  Nancy Waidtlow It feels so good to find out how far the news has spread that there is a better way to treat our homeless population, and to find there are good people out there who see that [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor- June 2016

FAIR WAGE By Raymond Ensher Evidently, Fresno business chamber leader Al Smith (letter, 1-30) has not been watching “Undercover Boss.” The employees who appear state they need a fair wage so they do [...] Continue Reading