Letters to the Editor – February 2017

Letters to the Editor – February 2017

The Blood of the Revolution

By Akapl Kecholli

When is enough going to be enough? We continue to allow our culture to be stolen, our dignity is lying in the street, leaking from our sons and daughters. When is enough going to be enough? I am Akapl Kecholli Akapl meaning Timeless, Immortal One, like creation divine with the universe. Kecholli means “birds have arrived with beautiful feathers.” I am Oyate Dakota Red Wind Nation. I am the mother of a slain indigenous son who was murdered by four racist white terrorists. I am just one woman with only my voice and passion to make change for our seven generations, those behind us and in front of us. I am a mother tired, a sister tired. I am a daughter tired of seeing, hearing, and continuing to have to relive the tragedy of our suffering. The pain of our children lying in the blood we produced from our wombs.

As an indigenous woman, I come unapologetically because I have no reason to apologize for the anger I have within me every time I see another indigenous Red, Brown or Black Nation people mourning the loss of our youth, husbands, brothers, fathers, mothers and sisters, and even our elders due to racial injustice. When is enough going to become enough? When I received the news of my child’s murder and reviewed his battered and bullet-torn body I could only see the faces of other mothers who had to stand in my shoes before me. “So, this is what it feels like” ran through my mind. I was tired before that but to be standing in the cold room… my son was lying in his box… he just came to us from the airport… the feeling of even that… getting him back so disrespectfully in a cardboard box full of ice packs.

The oppressive system treats our lives like this, as well. Like we are living in a box only to be murdered by them and then to another type of box we go. When is enough going to become enough? We are in a time where unity is required. We can no longer continue to separate over ignorance. There is a common issue that is infecting our communities and literally killing us. It is all linked to racial injustice. In order for us to make a difference and create change, we must unite as one nation, one people against this plague of injustice, racial hate, and discrimination against our culture, our livelihood and our sons, and daughters, brothers, and sisters. I have sacrificed my life to this cause, to make a change so our future will be one of peace and prosperity, one of internal and external happiness. I fight so that our youth can dream and make those dreams become truth. I fight for Mother Earth who is filled with cancer and it is our duty as protectors of this Earth to heal her and all on her borrowing from her.

We have lost the way from when we understood the earth and the sky and the water were held in reverence. Life was held in reverence. We must go back to the old order to renew this planet so damaged and hurt. I am the Mind spirit and blood of … Malcolm Sitting Bull, Long Walker Warrior Woman, the blood of Qaddafi, of Hugo Chavez, of Emiliano Zapata, of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, of Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey… I am the blood of Sankara ///// Khalid //// and Kwame!!!!! I am the blood of Rastafarian blood, of Crow Dog, Petra Herrera, Nwanyeruwa, women of the Zapatista, Leonard Peltier, Lakshmi Sehgal, Blanca Canales, Celia Sanchez, Asmaa Mahfouz, Assata Shakur, Tupac. The red nation, Chicano and Black Gorilla, the Panthers, and The Somoza Regime & Sandinistas, the Butterflies: the four Mirabal sisters. I am the blood of Farrakhan and of Muhammad of Essa and Ibrahim. I am the blood of liberation, the blood of all indigenous tribes… I am the blood of Ayesha Gaddafi. I am the blood of Africa, Mexico, of Nicaragua, Libya, and Turtle Island. OYATE Red Wind DAKOTA, Azteca, Mayan, Diné, Guatemala, Oaxaca, the Ayotzinapa 43, Chiapas, Yucatan, PERU. I am the blood of Islam, the blood of Sunni nation and all those who are Muslim. I am the blood of nomads of the 13 tribes.

I am the blood of our sons lying in the streets. I am the blood of the indigenous elders who prayed for us. I am the blood of the earth and the universe of quantum physics, of sacred geometry, of esotericology. I am the blood of the wolves, ‘the woman who runs with the wolves.’ I am the blood of the Revolution the real road to FREEDOM! If you cannot understand this…Well, your opinion doesn’t matter. My life is written in the stars and every ripple of water. I am the blood of the Revolution and I hear my ancestors with my heart and spirit. I am the blood of every Freedom Fighter to ever exist!



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