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Human Rights Violations in Palestine

Raza Against War (RAW) has launched a campaign in Fresno to seek application of the Leahy Law to suspected human rights violations in Palestine. The dual focus of this campaign are Rep. Jim Costa [...] Continue Reading

Gaza Catastrophe Exposes the System

Say their names: These are the names and ages of only five of the more than 14,000 children killed by U.S. bombs and missiles since Oct. 7 (names published by Al Jazeera News) in Israel’s war on [...] Continue Reading

At the Crossroads in Ukraine

At 10:30 p.m. Kyiv time, on April 14, by Odesa railway station, a short, middle-aged woman with a boyish salt-and-pepper haircut gets on the long-distance bus to Moldova and cries quietly, sunglasses [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Youth on Hunger Strike for Gaza

Three young Fresnans—Ant, Adrian and Justice—began a hunger strike for Gaza on March 16. They are members of palirev.web on Instagram. Following is their hunger strike statement. This public hunger [...] Continue Reading

The New Israel

We were stunned when we learned that some had entered onto the home ground of settlers and killed hundreds of women and children, taking captives to serve as pawns in an ensuing battle. History again [...] Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

For a Taxpayers Revolt Israel’s retaliation on Gaza for the horrific Hamas attack of Oct. 7 has devastated its civilian population and infrastructure. It has continued unabated for almost six [...] Continue Reading