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All Good Things…

By Tiffany A. Potter As I’ve gotten older, I have learned, even welcomed, the adventure that is life. At some point, I began to realize that there was nothing to fear and that, in fact, I was capable [...] Continue Reading


By Tiffany A. Potter At the time of our deadline, and the weeks prior, we’ve experienced a storm surge of sexual harassment and molestation stories and allegations nationally. From Hollywood elites [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: Irma

By Tiffany A. Potter Sleeves up. Hearts open. All in. (Our daily mantra) Oh, what a difference 30 days can make. The space between this time last month and today broke me open. In the last few [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: The Lesson

By Tiffany A. Potter Someone recently asked me what the biggest, most profound, most life-changing lesson is that I have learned, to date. Which was curious to me given that I had just (“just” as in, [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: What Now?

By Tiffany A. Potter Today is deadline day and also coming off of this weekend’s events in Charlottesville. I’ve been staring at this computer screen for the better part of two hours. Blank almost in [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: Effortless Part 2

By Tiffany A. Potter Update: Ah ha! Holy hell I found it! Last month, I wrote about the word and the concept of effortless. I then fell down the rabbit hole in thinking about what, if anything, was [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: Effortless

By Tiffany A. Potter Confession: There are times when my column is birthed out of one word. A seemingly simple, yet wildly profound, word that forces me inward while simultaneously bringing up [...] Continue Reading

Oh, the Questions…

By Tiffany A. Potter I’ve mentioned many times before that I am a seeker, a ponderer extraordinaire. I am a lifelong learner, infinitely curious about all things. I am someone who spends what free [...] Continue Reading