Letters to the Editor – Oct 2016

Letters to the Editor – Oct 2016

By Yezdyar S. Kaoosji

Thanks to Emily Cameron for the article “Philly or Bust: Fresno Activists go to the DNC”. Reading it made me feel I was attending the convention myself. I was able to fill in the gaps on activities censored by the DNC via the corporate media.

Watching the orchestrated Democratic Party National Convention through her report I could feel the physical abuse of the Bernie delegates by Clinton supporters, experience the various protest marches as well as the disappointment of Bernie Sanders supporters at the way they and their candidate were treated. The touching photo of Yamina Roland with a taped mouth and a placard reading “I am a silenced delegate” speaks volumes about the dysfunctional DNC.

Thank you Emily, for allowing us a peek into what really happened behind the pomp and splendor of the coronation.




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