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From the Editor

We wish to have nothing but good news for our readers. However, I am afraid that won’t happen in this issue. Or anytime soon. What has happened recently at Fresno City Hall is disturbing: a recent [...] Continue Reading

The Rite of Fresno: Composing a Rezone

Fans of the composer Igor Stravinsky might find his modernist work The Rite of Spring a suitable soundtrack for the story of Peter Stravinski the developer, particularly its “Sacrificial Dance” [...] Continue Reading

“First They Came…” Again

We are again in a period of racist ultranationalism and right-wing extremism. It’s not the first one. We can choose to defend those who are under attack now. Or we can wait until the attackers come [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Should Biden Run for Reelection? When Joe Biden arrived at the White House in 2021, I felt that two big changes took place in our society: First, instantly the craziness and dysfunctionality of [...] Continue Reading

“Down There” in West Fresno

A recent comment from a Fresno City Council member rang an old, all too familiar bell. When District 1 representative Annalisa Perea referred to West Fresno as “down there” in an interview with [...] Continue Reading

El Poder del Voto Latino en California

(Nota del editor: Esta nota fue publicada originalmente en Caló News) Los votantes latinos en California serán quienes determinen quién será el próximo senador federal que represente al estado más [...] Continue Reading

Los Juegos del Hambre

Libertad Bajo Palabra Al final de cuentas los políticos políticos son. No pierden su naturaleza. Casi siempre anteponen sus intereses personales a los del grupo de colegas con quienes se supone [...] Continue Reading