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Teen Stress

(Editor’s note: The following letter is in regard to an article published in the January 2020 edition of the Community Alliance.) I am concerned that the issues stated in the article, “What to Do [...] Continue Reading

LTE: Concerns About Dyer’s Budget

I recently listened to a Fresno City Council meeting concerning the proposed budget. It appears [Fresno Mayor] Jerry Dyer (and others presenting his proposals) is in total charge of what he wants [...] Continue Reading

Freedom School Earth Day 2021

The Freedom School celebrated Earth Day on April 22 at Rev. Floyd Harris’s Free AME Church in Fresno. Dr. Jean Kennedy served as moderator. They welcomed folks to the festival, by walking and [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – May 2021

E-Note Biden is going big. He should also go big when it comes to the arts and our cultural infrastructure. The arts too often are a side order; it’s linked to economic recovery in order to [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – April 2021

March 2021 Issue The March 2021 issue of [the] Community Alliance was terrific! Thank you for continuing the tradition of challenging our community to do better, and holding public officials [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – March 2021

Addressing Islamophobia Recently, the Sacramento Bee and the Fresno Bee published an article in which a Muslim student recounted her experiences with anti-Muslim bias at Fresno State, including an [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor: February 2021

History Will Be Kind to Jimmy Carter After watching the wonderful documentary Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President, it is a sobering reminder of how special this man is. No question: Within 50 [...] Continue Reading

A Christmas Message for All

Taking this time to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with joy and happiness. May we bond together in love and caring and keep the stars adjoined in the glow of a peaceful outcome [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor

Back in Paper I was so happy that the print Community Alliance is happening again! I don’t know why, but while I usually read almost all of the print version, I have found myself unable to want to [...] Continue Reading

Exercise Your Right to Vote in Person

The back-and-forth regarding vote-by-mail and in person voting has become a bore. As has been discovered by Americans now that Ms. Liberty’s skirts have been lifted by a perverted, lascivious, [...] Continue Reading