Letter to the Editor – August 2016

Letter to the Editor – August 2016

Food Not Bombs

Hi, my name is Brittney Fairburn. My boyfriend, Ruben Jimenez, and I have been in charge of running the Sunday Food Not Bombs meals for many years. Food Not Bombs receives donations from the Fresno Vineyard Farmers market and Whole Foods to distribute to the homeless and needy of Fresno. Every Sunday, at 3pm, we serve approximately 50 people a warm healthy, vegetarian, meal out at the Courthouse Park. After many years of service, it has come to a point where Ruben and I can no longer dedicate our time to Food Not Bombs. We are trying to find someone, or some organization, who can carry on the torch of Food Not Bombs. We are also in need of a new location. We used to prepare our meal out of the CAFÉ Infoshop. We recently moved out of there and are currently working out of a garage in Clovis.  I have devoted my time to this program for many years and it is very special to me but I can’t continue to make the same commitments to this meal. It is my hope that someone in Fresno is willing to continue the meal. We have all of the equipment necessary and donation pickups are already set in place. It would not be necessary to keep the name, Food Not Bombs. All that I care about is that the 50 needy people that I care about continue to get fed. I am a student at Fresno State and will begin a busy semester in August. I need help and would love to see this meal continue. Please forward this letter to anyone you think may be able to help. I appreciate all of the assistance I can get. You can contact me at (559) 800-4885 with questions. Thank you. For Updates go here: https://fnbfresno.org/ and https://www.facebook.com/fresno.fnb


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