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Last Chance CSU Fresno

In a fall football classic more suited to a Netflix season finale than Election Day, Fresno State pigskin boosters fumbled their Measure E sales tax proposal and took a classic fall in November. But [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor

About Your “Prison Gladiator Fights” Article Reader comments regarding “California Prison Gladiator Fights, Again!” (March 2023 issue): First of all, that was a really good article. You covered [...] Continue Reading

Interfaith Climate Summit

By Magdalena Wenger There is a connection between humans and the natural world; faith can help us to see this connection in new and deeper ways. Many religions and spiritualities share a common [...] Continue Reading

Blooming Beginnings: Sweet Girl Farms 

As the citrus season comes to a sweet end and the warmth of spring turns our acres pink, Sweet Girl Farms, a farm stand run by Liset Garcia continues to flourish. At her stand off of Alta Avenue, you [...] Continue Reading