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A New Beginning

In early 2023, a Fresno restaurant was forced to shut down when it was bombarded by baseless racist accusations. Several months later and after much heartache, it reopened with a new name and a new [...] Continue Reading

Resurrecting a Library

The Fresno County Public Library is a special place with 34 branches throughout Fresno County. The library’s motto? “A place to grow.” The library is a place for anyone with something for everyone [...] Continue Reading

La Fiesta de la Guelaguetza en Madera

El pasado domingo 8 de octubre tuvo lugar por primera vez en Madera la celebración de La Guelaguetza, la tradicional fiesta de Oaxaca con profundas raíces indígenas. Decenas de familias asistieron [...] Continue Reading

Fresno: A Tale of Two Cities

Fresno is two cities, like most American cities. It’s a city of haves and have nots. It’s near the bottom of the list in America for income equality. Some of the haves are employers who fail to pay [...] Continue Reading