Print & Digital Advertising Rates

The prices below are for black and white ads. Add 50% to the price if you’d like your ad in color.

One MonthThree MonthsSix MonthsOne Year
Business Card
(2 H x 3.5 W)
1/8 Page
(5.125 W x 4.125 H)
1/4 Page
(5.125 W x 8.25 H)
1/2 Page
(10.25 W x 8.25 H)
Full Page
(10.25 W x 16.5 H)

Community Alliance
P.O. Box 5077, Fresno, Ca 93755

For more information about advertising in the Community Alliance, contact:
Smiley Calderon
(714) 290-6651

Digital Art Guidelines

All ads need to be camera ready (typesetting, layout, and design is extra)
Resolution: 300 dpi
Deadline: 15th of month preceding publication

Embed all graphics using the Links window and convert all fonts to outlines. Export your ad as a grayscale JPG or BMP or save the file as an Illustrator file.

Adobe Photoshop
Include or embed all fonts. Do not flatten Photoshop images, leave them in their original layers.

Microsoft Word
Do not embed images within a Word document, must send any accompanying images as separate files. We do accept the original Word documents.

We accept JPEG – EPS – PDF files. Use high-resolution graphics (300 dpi)