Letters to the Editor – January 2017

Letters to the Editor – January 2017

Community Alliance Lifts Spirits

By Daniel Holmes

Hello to you at Community Alliance. I had the good fortune to come across one of your little newsletter papers in here – Wow! You people are really good people and I’m just simply amazed to know there really are decent, good human beings still in this messed up world doing really good things. I read your newsletter from front to back completely in one sitting! I didn’t want it to end. So anyway, you got me totally hooked and now I’m sprung on your newsletter. I get out of prison 3-18-17. I’m in here with nothing, no family or anyone to help me in any way. And yeah, it sucks. I’m kind of depressed because of the holidays. I don’t get any mail ever and your little newsletter lifts my spirits up a little because it takes my mind out of here for a minute or so and that makes the day better somehow. Thank you for your time and your kind understanding in this my current situation.


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