Letters to the Editor- June 2016

Letters to the Editor- June 2016


By Raymond Ensher

Evidently, Fresno business chamber leader Al Smith (letter, 1-30) has not been watching “Undercover Boss.” The employees who appear state they need a fair wage so they do not need to work two or three other jobs to survive. Many of these stories brought tears to my eyes and to those of their bosses.

On several programs, employees related that their families had become homeless and could not afford their homes.

I greatly admire businesses who share their profits with their employees or give them shares in their company. That is the right things to do. After all, if they did not have devoted employees, they could not have profitable businesses

I recall a number of years ago, a furniture business burning down, but the boss continued to pay the employees’ wages. Now that’s a compassionate boss.

As to the Fair Wage initiative on the ballot, there would be a gradual increase to $15 an hour by 2021. The real goal is to provide a living wage to all American workers. This can happen in this great country if businesses realize this overdue need and provide from the front line workers. It can be done!


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