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Letters to the Editor – June 2018

Ensure Student Voices Are Heard I’m a recent alumnus of Fresno Unified School District’s Edison High School. Our youth feel unsafe when they are walking to school with people getting killed in their [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – May 2018

History Need Not Repeat Itself When I grew up in Fresno, went to school and learned about World War II, there was one thing I could never understand. How could the German people allow Hitler and the [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – March 2018

Fear of Death the Basis of Conservative Greed Making a nation more important (“Great Again”) to individuals and groups has its side effects. The subjugation of men to government continues as long as [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – February 2018

Understanding West Fresno I want to thank Kevin Hall (“A Fresno Epiphany,” December 2017 Community Alliance) for highlighting an issue that Black and Brown West Fresno residents have known for a long [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – December 2017

What Is a “Clean” DREAM Act? By Sonia Martinez A “clean” DREAM Act would be legislation free from harmful provisions that hurt or demonize members of the broader undocumented community. A clean [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – November 2017

Clarification of TCC Success By Candice Troutman Attn.: Downtown, Chinatown and Southwest Fresno Residents Re: Clarification on the success of TCC Proposal #5 and a Call for Celebration As many have [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – October 2017

By Steve Claassen Those who follow Emily Cameron’s blog can’t not think of her when they hear the progressive mantra—”Speak truth to power.” In September’s Community Alliance report, “Primarying Bad [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – September 2017

The Community Alliance received a lot of feedback on Facebook responding to a comment on a Fresno Bee article about the ACLU finding that the Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) misused funds meant [...] Continue Reading

Letters To The Editor – August 2017

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to the editor by Emily Brandt in response to her question below to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. I am looking at the areas that are covered [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – July 2017

Public Voices Strong Support for Protecting Giant Sequoia National Monument On June 27, the Tulare County Supervisors voted 3-2 to approve a letter calling for the elimination of portions of the Giant [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – June 2017

Coulter Woolf in response to “Eaton Plaza Is Under Threat” on fresnoalliance.com This editorial embodies an attitude that has hampered the development of downtown Fresno. In short, it argues against [...] Continue Reading