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Cuba, Victim of U.S. Terrorism

During the crime spree that marked Trump’s last months in office, in between soliciting election fraud and encouraging violence and insurrection to prevent a legal transfer of power, Trump placed Cuba [...] Continue Reading

Again! Again! Again!

How many more shootings must we have before this nation comes to its senses? Actually, the question should be addressed to legislators, particularly those of Congress. Many polls indicate that the [...] Continue Reading

The Chosen One: Mbappé

Argentina vs. France: The 2022 FIFA World Cup final was arguably the greatest World Cup soccer match of all time. A dialectical duel between an aging legendary veteran, Lionel Messi, age 35, in the [...] Continue Reading

Donbas: In the Line of Fire

Donbas, an abbreviation for the toponym “Donetsk coal basin,” is an umbrella term applied to two regions of Ukraine: Luhansk (aka Luhanshchyna) and Donetsk (aka Donetshchyna). “These territories [...] Continue Reading

Honoring Ana Belén Montes

Ana Belén Montes was released on parole Jan. 8 after more than 20 years in U.S. prisons. She was convicted of espionage. Her actions were motivated by conscience and were uncoerced and unpaid. She [...] Continue Reading

Libertad Religiosa en Cuba

El 2 de diciembre de 2022, el Secretario de Estado de Estados Unidos, Antony Blinken, promulgó una declaración designando a Cuba, entre otros países, como “País de Preocupación Particular” por “haber  [...] Continue Reading

Religious Freedom in Cuba

On Dec. 2, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a declaration designating Cuba, among other countries, as a “Country of Particular Concern” for “having engaged in or tolerated particularly [...] Continue Reading