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What Is Really Going on in Guatemala?

You don’t see the army on the streets, and there are no speeches being delivered by a military “junta” on “CNN en Español.” How could a coup be happening, if the current president, Alejandro [...] Continue Reading

Holocaust Museum Exhibit in Fresno

A traveling exhibition from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum will be at the Central Library in Fresno from Nov. 5 to Dec. 30. “Americans and the Holocaust” examines this country’s slow response to [...] Continue Reading

All Guantanamo Belongs to Cuba

The name Guantanamo brings up only one image for most people in the United States—the U.S. “military prison/detention center” torture facility within the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay. It is still [...] Continue Reading

Los Juegos del Hambre

Libertad Bajo Palabra Al final de cuentas los políticos políticos son. No pierden su naturaleza. Casi siempre anteponen sus intereses personales a los del grupo de colegas con quienes se supone [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Corporate Arrogance at Its Best In the last few years, we’ve been bombarded by corporate media diverting us with tales of the rich and famous. Nothing new per se, but lately our rich guys are [...] Continue Reading