Letter to the Editor – July 2016

Letter to the Editor – July 2016


Nancy Waidtlow

It feels so good to find out how far the news has spread that there is a better way to treat our homeless population, and to find there are good people out there who see that rousting them from their sidewalk beds every morning may not actually solve anything for either the neighborhood that doesn’t want them there, or for the homeless themselves.  We recently had a very successful, well-attended garden party fundraiser which gave us a good start on a scholarship fund for residents’ education and health needs. Lance Canales and the Flood provided music and won new fans. Thank you Lance and all the people who worked hard and contributed in so many ways. So, the Dakota EcoGarden is going strong.  If you can help with gardening, or if you know someone who would fit into this community and is either truly homeless or on the verge of homelessness, call Nancy Waidtlow 559 224-1738. Or call the EcoGarden at 559 225-2767 and go see it for yourself. Nancy Holmes, house manager, or one of the other residents, will be happy to give you a tour. Look for our big green banner on the fence in front of the two-story stucco house at 2231 W. Dakota Ave. Fresno 93704. For more information, see www.ecovillagefresno.org, or Dakota EcoGarden on Facebook.



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