From the Editor

New Year, New Hope The new year is here with us, and as usual, most people renew their hopes and illusions that things will be better—either at their personal level and/or at a societal [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Smoggies to Be Awarded

Breathers citywide are eager to learn who will take home a coveted golden inhaler—The Smoggie—at this year’s inaugural awards event for Fresno’s worst votes and quotes on air pollution and climate [...] Continue Reading

The Decay Of FUSD

“I’ve never worked for such inept people before.” “When we got back to school in August [2021], it was as if the administration was making it up as they went along.” “[These days] I go to my job [...] Continue Reading

In the Dark of the Valley

In the Dark of the Valley exemplifies how an actual grassroots movement and campaign can be given life and develop. It is a compelling account of the all-too-familiar smashup between mistreated [...] Continue Reading