Stir it Up

Stir it Up is the Community Alliance newspapers radio show on KFCF 88.1 FM.  On June 5, 2024 Robin McGehee, the LGBTQ Liaison to the City of Fresno was the guest.  This is her interview with host [...] Continue Reading

Stop the Hate Day in Fresno

The City of Fresno declared today (June 7) as the initial Stop the Hate Day. In recognition of the Stop the Hate coalition’s work, City Council President Annalisa Perea, Mayor Jerry Dyer, Fresno [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

November Is Getting Close It’s little wonder so many people are fed up with politicians. And that’s a bipartisan thing. Take, for example, the president’s recent grandiose announcement about [...] Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

Not Rocket Science The solution to the immigration problem, if we really want to solve it, is not rocket science. If the immigration problem is caused by political and economic oppression in other [...] Continue Reading

When All Hope Vanishes

When all hope vanishes, desperation and despair set in. That is the seed for an organization like Hamas. With all good intentions of atoning for its failure to protect the Jews from the Nazis in World [...] Continue Reading

Searching for Lost Kinjo

It has always been known in Fresno as Chinatown, or the West Side, or the Other Side of the Tracks. But the fading facades of old buildings hide a rich history. If those old walls could talk, they [...] Continue Reading

Central Valley Briefs

Rent Control in Delano? In a groundbreaking effort to address the housing affordability crisis, concerned citizens of Delano have turned in thousands of signatures to qualify a rent control [...] Continue Reading

Cell Phones: Haidt Book

“It’s what the research shows.” I heard those words a lot during my 30 years as a Fresno Unified School District teacher. Sometimes they popped up at monthly faculty meetings or during day-long [...] Continue Reading

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