We Demand Immigration Reform Now

Demanding “Immigration Reform Now” demonstrations were held in Clovis and Bakersfield at the offices of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R–Bakersfield). These rallies were held in support of HR 1511 and [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Should Biden Run for Reelection? When Joe Biden arrived at the White House in 2021, I felt that two big changes took place in our society: First, instantly the craziness and dysfunctionality of [...] Continue Reading


We made an inadvertent error in our August 2023 issue. On the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) sponsor page (page 8), the photo for the section titled “Fresno WILPF [...] Continue Reading

The Kids Aren’t Alright

The start of a new school year can be like the coming of spring. There can be a glow of fresh, exciting possibilities in the air, the anticipation of the new. Something that often sets the tone for [...] Continue Reading

“Down There” in West Fresno

A recent comment from a Fresno City Council member rang an old, all too familiar bell. When District 1 representative Annalisa Perea referred to West Fresno as “down there” in an interview with [...] Continue Reading

Central Valley Fuego Tied

On Aug. 5, the Chattanooga Red Wolves came out to California to play Central Valley Fuego FC. In the first half, there was a back and forth in front of the Chattanooga goal with a couple of shots by [...] Continue Reading

Central Valley Fuego Empata

El 5 de agosto, los Chattanooga Red Wolves viajaron a California para jugar contra el Central Valley Fuego FC. En la primera parte hubo un ida y vuelta frente a la portería de Chattanooga con un par [...] Continue Reading

Los Juegos del Hambre

Libertad Bajo Palabra Al final de cuentas los políticos políticos son. No pierden su naturaleza. Casi siempre anteponen sus intereses personales a los del grupo de colegas con quienes se supone [...] Continue Reading