Oil, Garlic and $$$

Money rules with the Fresno County Board of Supervisors (BOS). The BOS has made it abundantly clear that private-sector profit, most recently in the form of prospective oil and gas and garlic-related [...] Continue Reading

A Community in Need

Since the end of last year, Visalia Planned Parenthood had planned to move from its downtown area location to a larger spot on Mooney Boulevard. Planned Parenthood would have occupied one of the many [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Young Democrats Against the First Amendment  As most of our readers already know, the Fresno County Democratic Party decided to cut ties with the Community Alliance because our newspaper [...] Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

Stop Discrimination of the Homeless This letter concerns the flagrant discrimination against our long-suffering homeless individuals and leaders’ refusal to provide nice studio [or] one-bedroom [...] Continue Reading

On the Edge

Just as we began to relax with the pandemic moving along, we received a rude awakening from Europe once again. This time, it is Russia further intruding into Ukraine beyond the southeastern provinces [...] Continue Reading

Una Comunidad Necesitada

Desde finales del año pasado, Visalia Planned Parenthood había hecho arreglos para mudarse de su ubicación en el centro de la ciudad a un lugar más grande en Mooney Blvd. Planned Parenthood habría [...] Continue Reading