From the Editor

Congressional Paralysis on Immigration The only bipartisan outcome in the U.S. Congress is that the immigration situation, including the bizarre status quo at the border with Mexico, continues to [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor

Trumpism Is Rebranded Racism! Amid this brouhaha about Trump the loser, Trump the leader, Trump the owner of the Right Wing, etc., etc., etc., the underlying question we are missing is: “What is [...] Continue Reading

Do Not Pass FresGo!

The unfortunately named Texas game company Top Trumps has garnered Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer’s enthusiastic support for a local version of Monopoly, the board game focused on property ownership, [...] Continue Reading

COP28 Outcomes

The United Nations hosts an international conference called the Conference of the Parties (COP) to debate the steps that must be taken to combat climate change. Government representatives from all [...] Continue Reading

The Truth Be Told

Peggy Noonan, an author who served as a speechwriter in the Reagan administration, wrote an article titled “Dem Problems: A Great Political Party Can’t Thrive on Snob Appeal” that appeared in the [...] Continue Reading

Stop the Age Bashing

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit nine decades of age plus being well into the 10th influencing the following.  Growing up in the era of experience gained in age being honored and [...] Continue Reading

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