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A new video is available that shows video of how Clovis police officers murdered Isabel De La Torre.  The Community Alliance newspaper obtained this video through a California Public Records Act [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Biden and His Political Suicide The 2024 elections will be crucial for the political and social stability of the country. If Trump wins, we will head toward a de facto dictatorship and a [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor

Stop Killing People With Our Tax Money I recently sent a note to Rep. Jim Costa about the bombardment in the Middle East—not a “war” when one side is bombing the shit out of the other side, [...] Continue Reading

MLK March in Fresno

On Jan. 15, hundreds marched in downtown Fresno in celebration of what would have been Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 95th birthday. It was the 40th march in the city’s history, put on by Fresno’s Unity [...] Continue Reading

Silent Suffering

BY THE MEADOWBROOK TENANT ASSOCIATION As rents continue to increase across the San Joaquin Valley, renters are pulling together to form tenant unions to protect themselves from negligent and [...] Continue Reading

Perspectives on the War

It is more than 100 days since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, and the daily news bulletins of destruction raise painful emotions. For me, it was an additional shock to learn from an article in a [...] Continue Reading

Khalida Jarrar

Statistics are important. We can know the official count of the dead and realize that this represents only those who have been identified and that many more bodies remain, killed but unidentified and [...] Continue Reading