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Where Do We Go from Here?

The Trump administration appears to be sinking the country into further darkness and indignity. The unbridled attempt to reverse the results of the November elections in some states—particularly [...] Continue Reading

We Need a Change

The historic elections of Nov. 3 are around the corner. Please vote. There is so much at stake, both at the national and local level. The “normal” doesn’t exist anymore. And I am not talking about [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

The Date is November 3 In this edition of the Community Alliance our readers will find several articles dedicated to the upcoming election on Nov. 3. And with good reason because this election is [...] Continue Reading

We Are Back in Paper!

Finally, the printed edition of the Community Alliance newspaper is back. After five months of online publishing only, readers will be able to enjoy again the feeling of having the paper in their [...] Continue Reading

Let’s Make Supervisors Accountable

By Eduardo Stanley It is particularly disgusting to see how elected officials and other public servants are confronting the pandemic that is affecting so much of our community. For instance, the [...] Continue Reading

This Is Not Getting Better

By Eduardo Stanley The Covid-19 pandemic is putting us to the test as human beings and as citizens. And the results aren’t good. While Fresno and California were doing well implementing the [...] Continue Reading

Without Knowledge There Are No Solutions

The pandemic issue has become radically politicized. Motivated from the White House, the movement against science—and against vaccines and knowledge in general—with the excuse of protecting individual [...] Continue Reading