We Are Back in Paper!

We Are Back in Paper!

Finally, the printed edition of the Community Alliance newspaper is back. After five months of online publishing only, readers will be able to enjoy again the feeling of having the paper in their hands, including—why not—the experience of getting some ink on their fingers. Of course, we’ll still be uploading our stories to our Web site, www.fresnoalliance.com.

We are convinced that our newspaper is meant for paper, and we know our readers enjoy it this way.

We appreciate the strong support we received from our audience during this difficult period, and we encourage our readers to continue supporting the Community Alliance.

These are special times. The November election is around the corner and is not just “another election.” This is perhaps the most important one in the past 30–40 years. 

Since 2016, we’ve seen a constant, uninterrupted effort from the top of the administration to implement an agenda plagued with racism, social and economic inequality, discrimination, vulgarity, administrative chaos, falsehood and more. The inner circle of the president—and the president himself—proved too many times its incompetence and lack of interest to serve  the nation and its inhabitants.

The news that Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser, was arrested and charged with fraud doesn’t surprise us. So far, six former advisers to the president have been either arrested or accused of wrongdoing. Trump’s bad handling of the current health crisis—the Covid-19 issue—makes him responsible for the high number of deaths.

What is even more shocking is the number of governors who copycat Trump’s behavior and opinions about the pandemic, exposing the people in their states to the virus—and to their death.

If this doesn’t convince you that we need a change in November, keep in mind that Trump promised to eliminate Social Security. If so, millions of retirees, elders and people with disabilities will be condemned to starvation.

The Democratic Party’s convention was a good expression of excellent speeches with a message of unity and diversity. Of hope that a better future is possible.

It is remarkable to see that almost one-third of the delegates there were representing Bernie Sanders. This is an important number that can’t be ignored by the party’s bureaucracy. Also, the energy and enthusiasm of these delegates will force the Biden-Harris tandem to listen to them. The math is simple: without that one-third the chances to win in November are almost zero.

Finally, kudos to the city of Fresno for deciding to implement $10 million mainly on behalf of thousands of our “essential workers” who are struggling with the pandemic in the fields and packing warehouses. The city and county of Fresno will be working together on this project, in big part thanks to Fresno City Council Members Miguel Arias, Esmeralda Soria and Luis Chavez.

Eduardo Stanley is the Editor of Community Alliance. He can be contacted at editor@fresnoalliance.com


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