From the Editor

From the Editor

The Date is November 3

In this edition of the Community Alliance our readers will find several articles dedicated to the upcoming election on Nov. 3. And with good reason because this election is the most important in decades. This is the opportunity, the moment to defeat racism, the arrogance of the elitist power and the trend to concentrate power in a few hands—very few hands.

It is important that each voter convinces five other people to vote Democrat—the only option if we want positive change. The vote needs to be massive. If Joe Biden wins by a slim margin, the chances of fraud by Republicans are considerable. Trump wants to remain in power, and he’ll do anything to stay another four years in the White House.

Many of our readers probably think Biden-Harris isn’t the ideal formula, that they are part of Corporate America. And they are right to think so. But at this point, we can not afford to hesitate. We need for sure to redress the disastrous path of a government that, among other things, is promoting a medieval barbarism disposing knowledge, even common sense.

Also urgent is our need for discussions regarding what measures to take to control climate change. For instance, fires in California are becoming more aggressive, unpredictable and devastating. The material and social consequences of the fires should be enough motivation to get us involved in these discussions and the actions that need to result from them.

We can’t wait. Neither can we afford four more years of a government that’s not interested in taking action to protect our environment. On the contrary, the Trump administration is doing whatever is possible to destroy the environment on behalf of the corporations.

Your participation—and mine—is crucial. United, our voice has a better chance of being heard.


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