Letters to the Editor – January 2018


Teatro de la Tierra

By Patricia Wells & Agustin Lira

After living in and experiencing the great divide between the rich and the have-nots in Fresno, Patricia and I became aware of the lack of parks, grocery stores, schools, playgrounds and resources in general in our Lowell district community (one of the poorest in the nation) and in other neighborhoods as well.

In 1974, we incorporated our organization, El Teatro de la Tierra, and we decided to take the arts to these low-income communities with the idea of making a difference over time. It is impossible for us to cram 43 years of teaching and performing experience in a brief letter, but learn more of our history and activities at www.teatrotierraonline.org.

Forty-three years later, we are still here adhering to our mission, but both Patricia and I are older now and it’s much more difficult to do things, especially tour. Although we have a great product in our hands, our new CD, we don’t have the staff or means to promote it.

We have supported our activities through our performances, small grants, earned income (workshops, classes) and fund-raisers. We’ve come to a point where we need to reach out to our family and friends for support so that we may continue offering classes in the community not only about music, theater, history and culture but also about the earth-shaking events taking place in our country, and the world.

El Teatro de la Tierra is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means your donation is tax-deductible. Please donate to keep us teaching and serving our community. Invest in the future of our youth. Donate at http:// teatrotierraonline.org/donate/. Contact us at 559-485-8558.


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