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Back in Paper

I was so happy that the print Community Alliance is happening again! I don’t know why, but while I usually read almost all of the print version, I have found myself unable to want to read the same good and important articles when they have been available only on the computer screen. Cheers.

Jan Balcom


Reactions to August Column

(Editor’s note. In our August edition, the Community Alliance published a piece titled “Whoa! Slow Down! Rethink!” by Ruth Gadebusch. In it, the writer criticized the tearing down of statues representing leaders of the Confederacy, most of whom were racists and slave traders. As the editor of the Community Alliance, I made the decision to print the piece considering the longtime contributions of Ruth to our paper with articles reflecting that she values the well-being of our community and her advocacy for a better world. I considered then that it was OK to respect her right to express her opinion. However, several readers disagreed and sent letters criticizing the article.)

Someone care to explain this? The Community Alliance is openly defending the Confederacy and saying they only acted in the interest of states’ rights??? I can’t believe what I’m seeing!

Jonah Bassman


I am shocked the Community Alliance would print this mindless diatribe. Anyone that fought for the Confederate army were traitors, that under the laws of war could have been executed.

Bob McCloskey


Is she (Ruth Gadebush) really saying the Confederates were not traitors to the USA and that we shouldn’t be taking down their statues? That we need to just get along instead of calling out racism and racists? If so, why is she still in the Community Alliance?

Vickie Fouts


Vote As If Your Life Depends on It

For people considering voting to reelect Trump for President, ask yourselves: What do I care about in real life?

Not dying of Covid-19? Trump has hobbled our response to the disease. He couldn’t have done a worse job had he intended to kill 187,000 Americans.

Not being able to pay the rent or mortgage? Trump’s negotiators have prevented you from receiving the checks you need to stay afloat.

Not being able to send your children back to school? Trump discouraged mask use, sabotaging the shutdown that has been effective in other countries.

Not being safe to vote in November? Trump has crippled the post office so that your mail-in ballot might not count, forcing you to stand in a long line at the polling booth and risk getting the virus.

Not respecting our military? Trump says our heroic, honored servicemen who died for our country and POWs are suckers and losers.

Is this the man you want to elect to run our country for another four years? Is this the man you want our children and grandchildren to live under?

Vote as if your life depends on it. It does.

John Reed

Michael Levine

Charles Barrett


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