Solving Vaccine Distribution Is Right under Our Noses


President-Elect Biden has said he has not been given communications on the distribution of the coronavirus vaccines. “There isn’t any,” declares Biden. As of yet, there is no specific plan to get that vaccine from its bottle to our biceps. Well, I have an obvious solution that is no farther than right under our masked-up noses: use the military.

We have a government agency that can invade other countries 3,000 miles away in days and at the drop-of-a-hat. To prove it, we are currently engaged in 36 conflicts, along with our wars, occupations and sanctions.

Our Pentagon and the Offense Department has a $780 billion budget. Why not use this agency for the common good, rather than just secure oil for Arco or Exxon? (As we go into lockdowns this winter we won’t be using that much oil anyway.)  And by saving lives rather than taking them, wouldn’t this dramatically boost military morale? Wouldn’t this cut down on mental disabilities belaboring our Social Security system?

We have 800+ bases all over the world. They’re everywhere. And the good thing about that is, American military bases are also in every state of the Union. Why not have Congress declare war on the virus and create legislation that will deploy the military to distribute vaccinations, as our secret weapon?

Military jets could stealthily fly the vaccines to bases in every state. And those bases in those states could then commission helicopters to distribute the vaccines to hospital landing ports, to local government centers and to Homeland points of landing. Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, etc., could then pick up those shipments by van or truck. This could happen instantly by a system already set up and at our disposal.

I mean, aren’t you tired of all those jets making wasteful testing flights, leaving our skies flooded with tic-tac-toe plumes of jet fuel? Aren’t you frustrated by all those military helicopters flying so low they wake you up at night or on Sunday morning?

If we use the military for something good for a change, even when they rattle us with their whirlybirds, we could look upward with a smile on our face, knowing that someone will be getting a vaccine today that will save their lives and the lives of their families. It’s a win-win, for our soldiers and our community.

Like the 36 conflicts and wars we have managed to create around the world in such a short amount of time, we could now, through the military, instantly distribute vaccinations to every U.S. citizen in days. And then we could vaccinate the world, by distributing it to our 800-plus bases overseas. We could even call it the Vaccination Marshall Plan.

Think how we would be viewed with admiration by every nation worldwide; even our most pessimistic volatile enemies would have trouble hating us. And who knows, this vaccine could give new meaning to harsh American policy, maybe even inspire us to create a Department of Peace—Okay, that’s a lot to ask. Everyone knows there’s not a lot of money in peace contracts.

But utilizing all that money we have put into high technology, through military distribution of a vaccine, would certainly change all our lives for the better—and do it much faster. And what a PR campaign and image makeover it would provide for the Pentagon. 

Hawks, are you listening?

Grant Marcus


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