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Poor Once More

By Ethnic Media Services As U.S. families stare down the twin barrels of the lingering Covid-19 pandemic and rising inflation, Congress has let expire the Child Tax Credit, a critical source of [...] Continue Reading

Aging Farmworkers Never Retire

Arvin is a somnolent rural town in Kern County surrounded by old oil pumps and endless agricultural fields. Its population is 21,000—92.7% Latino. It is home to hundreds—even thousands—of farmworkers [...] Continue Reading

Housing Is Worth Going to Bat For

California hosts one of the greatest rivalries in sports: the L.A. Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. This year, the rivalry reached a climax with the teams holding the best regular-season records [...] Continue Reading

Toxic Tsunami Headed for Fresno

By Kevin Hall Increased diesel exhaust in people’s lungs has a secure future in Fresno. Despite being the focal point of groundbreaking studies by Stanford and UC Berkeley concluded more than a [...] Continue Reading