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Abuso laboral: tibios e indiferentes

(Nota del Editor: Esta nota fue originalmente publicada en Llegué a los Estados Unidos cuando las marchas por la reforma migratoria llenaban las calles de las grandes ciudades [...] Continue Reading

How We Handle a Controversial Article

In July 2022, the Community Alliance newspaper printed “Smell Their Dairy Airs,” written by Kevin Hall for his “Climate Politics” column. The article was also on our website but was removed because of [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Starbucks Store to Unionize

On May 12, Starbucks workers and their supporters conducted a brief rally in front of the store at Marks and Herndon avenues explaining their desire to unionize. That day, workers announced their [...] Continue Reading

Local Housing Market on Fire

If you’ve been on the hunt for a house recently, you know about this. It’s a hunt. And it’s troubling. But, you’re not alone. For several reasons, the real estate housing market in the United [...] Continue Reading