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What Happened?

By Ruth Gadebusch Although it has been more than a decade, it seems like such a short time ago that this country had crossed the Rubicon in our race relations. What joy, what hope, what excitement! [...] Continue Reading

Homophobia Is on the Rise

By Marsha Conant It breaks my heart to see that acts of hate and hate speech are openly still being expressed in 2021. The insurrection in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6 was filled with acts and words [...] Continue Reading

Tower to the People

By Stephen Malm For the past several weeks, casual Sunday visitors to the Tower District have been met by an animated scene of demonstrators at the corner of Wishon and Olive avenues. Signs of [...] Continue Reading

Talking Points #6: A New Beginning

By Joel D. Eis This is the sixth contribution in a series of op-ed pieces that can provide talking points to strengthen the information base and action decisions of those who seek to make others [...] Continue Reading

This Is Democracy?

By Ruth Gadebusch When asked if this nation was a republic or a democracy, Benjamin Franklin is said to have answered, “A democracy if you can keep it.” Winston Churchill is known for telling us [...] Continue Reading

This Puzzling World

By Ruth Gadebusch As I approach my ninth decade, I am increasingly concerned as to why we are having such difficulty fitting the puzzle pieces of life into the big picture. At a time when we have [...] Continue Reading