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Troubling Contradictions

By Ruth Gadebusch Try as I might, I simply can’t understand so many of the right wing’s inconsistent stands. Calling themselves pro life, nowhere is contradiction more true than in their [...] Continue Reading

Neither Rhyme nor Reason

By Ruth Gadebusch How did science get to be held in such low esteem in this nation? I’m not referring to someone on the street with little or no opportunity to be exposed to science as believers [...] Continue Reading

Anti-Asian Hate and Racism

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen a rapid increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans. The mass shootings in Atlanta and Indianapolis have shocked the conscience of the [...] Continue Reading

Both Good and Evil

As we busy ourselves in our attempts to cleanse history by stripping street signs, changing school names and knocking down statues, we had best pause and think how future generations will judge our [...] Continue Reading

A Troubled Nation

A troubled nation is a nation in trouble. History tells us that all great empires fall sooner or later. Is it our turn? We are not doing a good job respecting each other and the structure created to [...] Continue Reading

What Happened?

By Ruth Gadebusch Although it has been more than a decade, it seems like such a short time ago that this country had crossed the Rubicon in our race relations. What joy, what hope, what excitement! [...] Continue Reading