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I've just finished reading the article, "Down Prison Road," by David Bacon in the Community Alliance. What an engaging, informative, well-researched and thought-out piece. I like the way he introduces [...] Continue Reading

Grassroots Profile

By: Richard Stone Kamal Abu-Shamsieh is the current (and first) director of the Islamic Cultural Center of Fresno (ICC). With no precedents to draw on, he has been given the opportunity/challenge to [...] Continue Reading

Common Sense, Not Excuses

Never is there any lack of opinion about public education: how well it is, or is not, serving us. Nor is there ever a lack of opinion as to how to fix any problems it may have. After all, we all went [...] Continue Reading

Aid to Haiti: Where Does Our Money Go?

By: Patrick Young With over 200,000 dead and a collapsed city, Haiti is desperate for help. The pervasive poverty Haitians have been living with for years is now past the breaking point. With few [...] Continue Reading