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(Editor’s note: The letters below are in response to “Fourth Grade Student with a History Lesson Confronts School District,” which appeared in the September 2021 issue of the Community Alliance newspaper.)

Thanking Malachi

Malachi [Suarez], you did everything correctly. Although I don’t know him, I am so proud of his research, thinking and desire to correct a great injustice. This is a good example of a colonized educational system that we should be addressing and changing.

Elisa M. Sanchez

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So proud of this young person. Malachi, I am in awe of your tenacity. It takes a special person to see the wrong in our institutions, to say something about it, to do something about it, and even after attempts to shut you down, you took it to a higher power. Absolutely awesome!

These systems take time to change; please don’t give up. You have done more than tens of thousands of students, parents, faculty and more with this movement!. Stay strong and continue to question, organize and demand change!

Gera Loera

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