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We Can Do Better

Rat-a-tat-tat. Bang, bang, swosh. Another life lost to gunshot. How many? How long are we going to tolerate this loss of life, this loss of talent, this sorrow? How long? How long? A Colorado [...] Continue Reading

Are We Seeing the Death of Democracy?

Democracy seems to be slipping away from us, and new violations keep coming up with sickening regularity. The recent gun violence in Uvalde, Texas, is a grim reminder. Between 55% and 65% of all [...] Continue Reading


Integrity! What a beautiful word. Not the word. Its meaning. Random House Dictionary: “soundness and adherence to moral principle and character: uprightness: honesty.” I believe without integrity [...] Continue Reading

From the Editor

Small Changes Bring Encouragement On Feb. 16, the Fresno City Council passed a resolution that could change the name of Kings Canyon Avenue to Cesar Chavez Avenue. The process could take up to [...] Continue Reading

Opinion and Analysis

Where Hope Prevails While not without its own disappointments and heartbreak, the Olympics have provided us with needed distraction. Watching the clean young faces in dress representing the home [...] Continue Reading

Smoke-Free Fresno

The City of Fresno is leading the way in 2022 in reducing harmful secondhand smoke for its residents living in multifamily housing units. Effective Jan. 1, the Smoke-Free Ordinance prohibits [...] Continue Reading

An Open Letter to President Biden

Dear President Biden: As autocracy is not democracy; “filibuster” is not rule-by-majority. As a 70-year-old White American, I have watched in shame the bigotry of the filibuster acted out by [...] Continue Reading

Can We Recover?

Can we recover from the discord, the suspicion, the anger, the fear and such now suffocating our society? We must! But how? How can we restore the meaning of democracy? It’s pandemic. It’s a [...] Continue Reading