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This Puzzling World

By Ruth Gadebusch As I approach my ninth decade, I am increasingly concerned as to why we are having such difficulty fitting the puzzle pieces of life into the big picture. At a time when we have [...] Continue Reading

Enough Is Enough

By Ruth Gadebusch Yes, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.), enough is enough—more than enough. It has been more than enough for weeks now, actually months before the November election. Where have you [...] Continue Reading

Standing on the Brink

By Ruth Gadebusch Although the election did not produce the overwhelming votes that we expected, it was clear-cut and we expected to get about the business of our democracy. It was not to be, given [...] Continue Reading

A Christian on Socialism

By Ronald Martin (Editor’s note: The following piece is the author's reaction to comments made by KMJ radio host Jim Franklin about Nora O’Donnell’s interview of Kamala Harris on 60 Minutes. The [...] Continue Reading

Democracy Tested as Never Before

By Ruth Gadebusch We had so looked forward to the election thinking that we could return to some measure of honor and get on to dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and other urgent matters. Alas, it [...] Continue Reading

Now What? Form a People’s Party!

By Yezdyar S. Kaoosji “May tomorrow be more than another name for today.”—Eduardo Galeano Chances are you will read this column a few days before or soon after the 2020 General Election. In [...] Continue Reading

Pure Evil? Questions of Good and Evil

By Ruth Gadebusch It seems unfair to classify an entire group as evil, but where, oh where, are the good Republicans? It has become increasingly difficult to find honor in the party. For a time, it [...] Continue Reading

Have They No Shame Whatsoever?

By Ruth Gadebusch The body of Ruth Bader Gingsburg was still warm when the Republicans began to gloat over their opportunity to make another appointment to the Supreme Court. While hesitating to [...] Continue Reading