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All in for Vaccinations

California has barely passed the 50% mark of vaccinated residents. Despite the fact that vaccines and vaccination posts are available with almost no waiting in line, even with incentives—$50 gift [...] Continue Reading

Covid 19: Importante Novedades

El avance de la variante Delta del Covid 19 continúa de manera incontrolable. Según las autoridades federales de salud, el mayor número de contagios se da entre personas no vacunadas contra el Covid [...] Continue Reading

A Historic Day in Fresno

By Eduardo Stanley June 11 was a historic day in Fresno: For the first time, the LGBTQ+ flag was raised at City Hall while hundreds of emotional attendees from all over the Valley [...] Continue Reading

Car Caravan in Solidarity with Cuba

On June 20, several activists organized a car caravan in north Fresno to protest the U.S. blockade of Cuba. They did so in anticipation of the UN General Assembly vote on the topic, which took place [...] Continue Reading

Cómo Envejecen Nuestros Jornaleros?

Los inmigrantes son la principal fuerza laboral en los campos agrícolas de EE.UU. Sin inmigrantes no habría ni verduras ni frutas en las mesas de los estadounidenses. Más allá del campo, otros [...] Continue Reading

Farmworkers Work Hard: How Do They Age?

Immigrants are the main labor force in the U.S. agricultural industry. Without immigrants we wouldn’t have vegetables and fruits on our tables. And even beyond the fields, immigrants perform jobs that [...] Continue Reading