From the Editor

From the Editor

Is Violence Becoming Our Way of Life?

Five people were killed and at least 48 more were injured when an SUV plowed into a Christmas parade on Nov 21 in Waukesha, Wisc. This is the last—for now—example of incomprehensible violence in our society.

This is not the first incident of this kind. We’ve seen all kinds of incidents including mass shootings and hate crimes. It seems that almost every day there is a violent incident. Take, for example, those incidents produced by passengers’ rage on airplanes.

The reasons might be different from one event to the next, but in the United States guns are everywhere and anybody can get one.

And the establishment doesn’t help.

For example, a young man walks into a demonstration and shoots and kills two people because he felt “threatened.” Then he walks away a free man, declared “innocent” by a court.

Moreover, our leaders in Congress aren’t an example of good behavior.

Mostly Republican representatives and senators continually use vitriolic language, even insults, against their opponents. The last case—for now—is a cartoon produced and distributed by Rep. Paul Gosar (R–Ariz.), in which an animated character attacks and kills Rep. Alexandra Ocasio Cortes (D–N.Y.). And of course, he didn’t apologize.

Men (mostly old), White and conservative. This is another component of our actual wave of violence. Add guns and you get the picture.

There is more, of course. Lots of people are frustrated by a society in which a few have a lot and a lot of people have nothing—even if they work hard.

The injustices are so many that we can’t number them here. Yet it seems that we are not looking for solutions. Better said: It looks like they are not looking for solutions.

Those who want to keep this unfair and unjust establishment are mainly the beneficiaries of it. Call them Congressional members, County supervisors…

Finally, in the last few editions of the Community Alliance, we’ve increased our number of pages to provide more information and more articles with deep analysis and opinions. This represents a big effort from us. We want to serve better. But we need your support. Please support your local progressive newspaper. Support the Community Alliance.

Until next month.


  • Eduardo Stanley

    Eduardo Stanley is the editor of the Community Alliance newspaper, a freelance journalist for several Latino media outlets and a Spanish-language radio show host at KFCF in Fresno. He is also a photographer. To learn more about his work, visit

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