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Gaza Catastrophe Exposes the System

Say their names: These are the names and ages of only five of the more than 14,000 children killed by U.S. bombs and missiles since Oct. 7 (names published by Al Jazeera News) in Israel’s war on [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Youth on Hunger Strike for Gaza

Three young Fresnans—Ant, Adrian and Justice—began a hunger strike for Gaza on March 16. They are members of palirev.web on Instagram. Following is their hunger strike statement. This public hunger [...] Continue Reading

War on the Poor and Neo-Fascism 

To be homeless does not mean I don’t have feelings. To be homeless does not mean I can’t feel how others treat me. To be homeless does not make it okay to assume I am dirty. To be homeless [...] Continue Reading

Killing the Truth in Gaza

“If the genocide in Gaza is not halted, it will presage a new world order. A world where the old rules, more honored in the breach than the observance, no longer matter. It will be a world where [...] Continue Reading

Dire Circumstances for the Unhoused

Last winter in an e-mail to this reporter, Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer said that “some people may not believe it, but I really do care about homeless people.” In January 2023, Fresno City Council Member [...] Continue Reading

Fresnans Speak Out for Palestine

Zahra Al, a teacher and Fresno State alumnus, told the Fresno City Council on Jan. 11, “I am here for Palestine, I am here for Gaza. I am here to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. I am [...] Continue Reading

Palestinian Flag Raised in Fresno

On Dec. 8, the Palestinian flag was raised at Eaton Plaza in downtown Fresno, a month after the flag of Israel was raised there. Only three other U.S. cities have raised the flag of Palestine. More [...] Continue Reading