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Fresno’s Cannabis Condition

It’s April and everyone knows how cannabis, aka marijuana, aficionados love their unofficial “4/20” holiday, which happens to fall on the 111th day of 2024, a “holy” day for cannabis consumers. Tokers [...] Continue Reading

The One and Only Rogue

You might know a thing or two about typical fringe festivals, but do you know Rogue? To those who don’t know, there are fringe festivals worldwide, but there is only one Rogue Festival—an [...] Continue Reading

Resurrecting a Library

The Fresno County Public Library is a special place with 34 branches throughout Fresno County. The library’s motto? “A place to grow.” The library is a place for anyone with something for everyone [...] Continue Reading

Hate Is to Be Stopped

On Jan. 25, the Community Alliance newspaper and the San Joaquin Valley Media Alliance held their second “stop the hate” town hall at Central East High School in Fresno. Expert panelists and [...] Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

A Rude and Insolent Restaurant Owner I need to share an incident that happened to me here in January that really bothered me. To be honest, it was shocking, but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. [...] Continue Reading

Hate Is in the Heart

Each month—no, each day—it seems the ugly face of hate forces itself upon us. Senseless violence, heartless killings, stone-cold murders. Last year, we had 647 mass shootings in the United States. [...] Continue Reading

Hate Is in the Air

In mid-October, two young Latino males enjoying a Friday night together in the Tower District in Fresno were brutally assaulted by a man who apparently did not like the fact that they were holding [...] Continue Reading

Remembering Pride

Under a scorching sun on June 10, during LGBTQ Pride Month, the city of Fresno held its second annual LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Raising Ceremony in front of City Hall. The turnout was good, and many city and [...] Continue Reading