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Letters to the Editor

Not in Clovis Regarding “Clovis Is Not in Compliance with Housing Laws” (May 2023 issue): Well, as a Clovis resident, that's a bummer. We live here to get away from lower-income housing. Too bad [...] Continue Reading

May 2023 Final

You can read the print version of the paper below. This is a .pdf of the May 2023 Community Alliance newspaper. There are features that allow viewers to increase the size of the pages for easier [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor

About Your “Prison Gladiator Fights” Article Reader comments regarding “California Prison Gladiator Fights, Again!” (March 2023 issue): First of all, that was a really good article. You covered [...] Continue Reading

College Students with Criminal Records

In my recent study of California college students with criminal records (CSCR), we are invited to bear witness to one way that decolonizing practices can unfold in higher education institutions. In [...] Continue Reading