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About Your “Prison Gladiator Fights” Article

Reader comments regarding “California Prison Gladiator Fights, Again!” (March 2023 issue):

First of all, that was a really good article. You covered almost everything about the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) subjecting the Bulldogs to credible harm.

My brother was one of the two who was injured with life-threatening injuries on Nov. 30, 2022, when he was set up by the CDCR in their gladiator fights at the Corcoran Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF). To this day, the CDCR has never called his mom to inform her that her son was stabbed eight times with life-threatening injuries and survived.

There was a similar incident at Folsom in December 2022. Since this incident did not get mentioned, do you think if they killed someone that it would get reported?

Also, let’s not forget [former Fresno police chief] Jerry Dyer’s plan to eliminate the Fresno Bulldogs (FBD). He went on TV to tell the whole world that he promised to do everything he could to eliminate the FBD with his apprehension teams in full force; he promised to do whatever it takes. But his Operation BD failed in 2006.

I believe he is implementing his plan through the wardens in the prisons. Just because he isn’t saying anything does not mean he stepped away from his failure. 

That’s why these prisoners are dying. If this isn’t some kind of genocide, then its Dyer behind all these violent gladiator fights. Killing off the BD like he promised to the world.

Name Withheld

I am so glad this is coming to light. Although this is happening in the prisons, this is the work of the CDCR headquarters. This is the after-effects of prison integration constructed by the CDCR when in return prisons have the opportunity to stage these flights. Why should our loved ones be their entertainment and money makers? When will it stop?

Name Withheld

Community Alliance Content

Generally, the content of the Community Alliance is informative and provides a reasoned perspective not otherwise available in the Central Valley.

I have observed a worrisome trend with a couple of authors, though.

In “Climate Politics” and “Alternative Needed in Supervisorial District 2 Race,” the authors seem to be expecting someone else to do the necessary work, rather than them or us.

In the climate pieces, there are frequent references to elected officials not delivering and the author holds out no expectation that they ever will deliver, yet he doesn’t offer remedies for how we, the readers, or he, presumably an activist, could help facilitate that change.

In the “District 2” piece, the author lays out the argument for an alternative candidate and then places the burden for that on the local Democratic Party. He seems unaware that the party is one entity among many who are part of the candidate search. And does he really want the local party playing the dictatorial role that the national party does in designating endorsed candidates?

Keep up the good reporting, but please also include how we can move the readership, and progressives generally, toward collectively generating solutions.

Saul Ross



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