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Tools to Defend Ourselves

As a child, I knew what hate incidents and hate crimes felt like even though I didn’t know there were terms for them. I knew that gut feeling—the fear and uncertainty. Was I over-exaggerating? Was [...] Continue Reading

Herramientas para Defendernos

Cuando era niña, sabía cómo se sentían los "incidentes" y los crímenes de odio, aunque no sabía que había un término para ellos. Conocía ese sentimiento...el miedo y la incertidumbre. ¿Estaba [...] Continue Reading

Hate Is to Be Stopped

On Jan. 25, the Community Alliance newspaper and the San Joaquin Valley Media Alliance held their second “stop the hate” town hall at Central East High School in Fresno. Expert panelists and [...] Continue Reading

Stop the Hate Town Hall in Madera

You are invited to the next Stop the Hate town hall on March 28 at 5 p.m. at the Pan America Community Center (703 Sherwood Way) in Madera. This is the third Stop the Hate town hall in the Central [...] Continue Reading

Community Unites Against Hate

Speakers at the Jan. 25 Stop the Hate Town Hall identified the path to ending the violence against marginalized communities: Report all incidents of hate crimes, increase solidarity between impacted [...] Continue Reading

Hate Is in the Heart

Each month—no, each day—it seems the ugly face of hate forces itself upon us. Senseless violence, heartless killings, stone-cold murders. Last year, we had 647 mass shootings in the United States. [...] Continue Reading

Hate Is in the Air

In mid-October, two young Latino males enjoying a Friday night together in the Tower District in Fresno were brutally assaulted by a man who apparently did not like the fact that they were holding [...] Continue Reading

Deconstructing Antisemitism

It is shocking to watch the rise of antisemitism in America these days. As an American Jew who escaped from Nazi Europe in the 1930s, my first thought is “Not here too!” My next thought, which might [...] Continue Reading

Stopping Hate Crimes Town Hall

Hate crimes are on the rise in Fresno. Recently, a gay couple was physically assaulted in the Tower District (see page 1). A vicious and racist sign was put up near Central High School, anti-Jewish [...] Continue Reading