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So Much Hate, So Little Love In the past few years, we’ve witnessed an increase of rage everywhere. In these times of social media dominance, it is common to see short videos of drivers fighting at [...] Continue Reading

Right Wing Spreading

The electoral victory of Javier Milei in Argentina on Nov 19 sparked a feeling of enthusiasm among right-wing activists and demagogues such as Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Jair Bolsonaro (the former [...] Continue Reading

Protecting Indigenous Rights

According to Fresno City Council Member Miguel Arias, Fresno is the first city in California to make changes to its Municipal Code that end discrimination against Indigenous people. The amendment also [...] Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

Consequences of Hate and Racism With a broad mind and understanding, let your intellect grasp these truths, which will enable you to be a better human being. We are not born with a hateful bone in [...] Continue Reading

Can the Police Be Trusted?

California Attorney General Rob Bonta came to Fresno on Sept. 12 and held a forum with Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer, a panel of community leaders and several grassroots community groups. The purpose of the [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Goes Viral

This May, Fresno went viral. Unfortunately, it wasn’t for one of Fresno’s better moments. It was unusual to see the #559 hashtag blow up as multiple videos on TikTok had millions of views and [...] Continue Reading

Opportunity for a High School in Huron

A high school in Huron would be a huge improvement in the lives of students and the community. No longer would students have to get up before the sun rises and miss extracurricular activities to take [...] Continue Reading