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It’s time to bring back sanity into this 2024 Presidential election. I’m not surprised to hear people saying, “Why should I bother to vote?”
Can’t blame them if they feel that they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Especially when the big bad media want you to think that your only presidential election choices are Biden or Trump and that stinks since, in my humble opinion, both should be institutionalized. Better yet, whoever made that stupid corporate decision to allow these two morons to run in the first place should also be locked up.

It’s time for some clean, fresh air, honest decision makers, especially if you give a damn about people, planet and peace. So, we the voters of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, should consider supporting Jill Stein and the Green Party.

I’ve worked on elections for many years and have seen the faces of people in various forms and fears. As well as the many faces of disgust and resignation in voting for a two-party system that offered little more than empty promises. People out there have a right to be scared and worried about their future. 

Elections are meant to help people. Vote your conscience, vote because it matters to you, your families and your nation and not some corporate clowns that only enrich the rich and not the others. You matter and you should care. Vote for the planet, people and peace. What I’m saying is don’t get angry or depressed, get smart.

To learn more about the Green Party, visit gp.org or cagreens.org, or more about our presidential candidate, Jill Stein, at jillstein.com. For local activities, e-mail me at firebaughrick@gmail.com.

Richard Gomez

Comments on June Issue

Re: “Hate Speech and Crimes,” the District Attorney’s Office states that “It is our ethical obligation as prosecutors to file charges where the facts of the case can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt with the applicable elements of the law.” How short the DA’s memory must be. This “ethical obligation” was missing when the DA enthusiastically supported [then Fresno Police chief] Jerry Dyer’s baseless framing of [Assembly Member] Joaquin Arambula or blamed [Fresno City Council Member] Miguel Arias for being threatened by the Proud Boys.

In “Fresnans Pay $6.4 Million a Year to Fund War Crimes,” the Fresno Brown Berets’ statement includes a demand for “All stolen lands in Palestine and on Turtle Island to be returned to the indigenous peoples, whom they rightfully belong to.” Most of the statements/demands are reasonable, but further scrutiny is necessary on this one.

At first glance, it is hypocritical and contradictory. Are the writers going to walk away from their homes? Sign up to be deported? And deported where? After all, presumably of Hispanic descent, they might well be part of the same settler-colonial ancestry as those who took the land of indigenous people.

And the demand appears to be a call to go back 500 years on Turtle Island (North America? both American continents?) but only to 1947 in Palestine. And why is Cuba conveniently left out if we are talking about returning property? (Not that we should advocate for that, but at least be consistent.)

We can no more relocate 6.5 million Jewish people from Israel than we can 320 million people from the United States.

So, what is the solution? Acknowledge the historical wrong? Yes. Apologize? Yes. Make amends? Absolutely. But rather than furthering divisions, we must acknowledge that we are all in this together and move forward in collaboration, in equity, in fairness and with the goal of creating a prosperous, inclusive society for all.

Saul Ross

Fresno Chinatown

There’s a lot more to Chinatown than most have been led to believe. Fresno Chinatown was a unique and diverse enclave of various immigrant groups that turned it into a major economic stimulus for Central California.

The Chinese Exclusion Act was institutionalized and became an intricate part of the culture. While many of us have confronted these fears, too many of us allowed it to guide our community’s societal decisions. Unfortunately, we’ve lost our very history and essence as a community.

Raul P. Pickett

Support of Palestine

The courage and activism of the college students and other young people in support of the people of Palestine is an inspiration! Those of us who are older activists need to let them know we want to support them.

Camille Russell

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