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Film Review: Mr. Malcolm’s List

Mr. Malcolm’s List is a love story in the genre of the Bridgerton series. I really liked the portrayal of a multiracial 19th century England without the stench of White supremacy, White racism and [...] Continue Reading

From a TV Show to Reality

Back in the late 1960s, The Prisoner was my favorite TV show by far. It was a quirky spy-type series, and in it a British agent was whisked away to a clandestine site known only as The Village. In [...] Continue Reading

Poetry Corner

Richard’s Soliloquy (Blank Verse Poem) Sometimes I feel I just cannot go on. I want to stop and let my spirit be. The forces in this world want more and more. They make demands upon my [...] Continue Reading

Agustin Lira: A Voice for Change

Looking at the world today, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by bad news. Climate change, discrimination, unjust systems and wars riddle the daily news. Although it is important to keep up with these [...] Continue Reading

Agustín Lira, una voz para el cambio

Al mirar el mundo hoy en día, es fácil sentirse abrumado por las malas noticias. El cambio climático, la discriminación, los sistemas injustos y las guerras plagan las noticias diarias. Si bien es [...] Continue Reading