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Shelters Are Not Housing

Update on the encampment sweep at Dakota and Palm avenues: The Fresno Irrigation District in conjunction with the Fresno Police Department raided an encampment of 30 people on the canal bank near the [...] Continue Reading

Following the Money for the Unhoused

By Bob McCloskey In one of the hottest summers on record, the City of Fresno continues to fail to provide housing for its most vulnerable citizens. As the mayor and City Council members tout their [...] Continue Reading

On the Money Trail for the Unhoused

On April 28, the Fresno City Council held a workshop titled “Homeless and Housing Strategy” as part of a “special” meeting. The City released the workshop documents just 24 hours before the meeting [...] Continue Reading

Death, Corruption and Ideology

The community was recently outraged by streaming video of unhoused people being put out in the cold rain on the streets of Fresno as part of the city’s Project Freeway Off-Ramp. Fresno Mayor Jerry [...] Continue Reading