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Kill the Poor

The well-known punk rock band, the Dead Kennedys, released a song in 1980 about the neutron bomb called “Kill the Poor.” Here’s some of the lyrics. Now that we have the neutron bomb It’s nice [...] Continue Reading

Maten a Los Pobres

La conocida banda de punk rock, “The Dead Kennedys”, lanzó una canción en 1980 sobre la bomba de neutrones llamada Kill the Poor (Maten a Los Pobres). Parte de la letra dice: Ahora que tenemos la [...] Continue Reading

Fresno Policy Kills, Say Their Names

Our economic system, with its excessive corporate greed and its concentration of ownership and power, destroys anything that gets in the way of profits. It destroys lives and discards human beings. [...] Continue Reading

Clovis Fought the Law and the Law Won

“Clovis didn’t get to be 70% white by accident,” said Patience Milrod in 2019 when filing a lawsuit initiated by longtime housing and homeless advocate Dez Martinez against the City. Milrod continued, [...] Continue Reading

Fresno: A Tale of Two Cities

Fresno is two cities, like most American cities. It’s a city of haves and have nots. It’s near the bottom of the list in America for income equality. Some of the haves are employers who fail to pay [...] Continue Reading