By Uncle Bill

Windows Ten, Windows Ten

Go away, don’t come again!

Each new system drives me mad!

What’s wrong with keeping what we had?

Each “feature” complicates the mess.

I find I can do less and less.

Is this called progress? I think not.

Perhaps it’s just a Commie plot!

My life was calm and peaceful once,

But now they treat me like a dunce.

They talk to be in gobbledygook,

Which ain’t a language that I speak!

All these “improvements,“ as they’re called

Just serve to drive me up the wall.

Just bring back Windows ninety-seven

I mastered that, I was in Heaven.

I managed to do what I wanted.

But now I sit here sad and daunted.

As my frustration daily grows

My “apps” are dragging, goodness knows.

Bad cess to them at Microgeek

Who plot our downfall as we speak.

I once could manage, I did fine!

But now those jerks have crossed the line!

So, let’s abandon Windows Ten,

And hope ‘twill ne‘er return again!

Stop all those silly system jokes.

And simplify if for old folks!!!!


  • Community Alliance

    The Community Alliance is a monthly newspaper that has been published in Fresno, California, since 1996. The purpose of the newspaper is to help build a progressive movement for social and economic justice.

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