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What Is Christmas?

By Richard Iyall Our Christmas is the time of yearto be with those you love;for sights and smells, for jingle bells;the shining star above;for ice and snow, for mistletoe;for trees in all their [...] Continue Reading

I Am Indigenous

Whitman Style Free Verse Poem by Richard D. Iyall I am indigenous to this land. Yes, I am. Indigenous I am.I am a member of the Cowlitz Tribe, whose sacred landis under siege in Washington, the [...] Continue Reading

I AM Now Free

Ode to Fred Brengelman, March 31, 1928–Sept. 24, 2019 By Richard Iyall I AM now free of pain in life! I AM now free of fear of death. I AM now free of ego’s pull. I AM now free to know my [...] Continue Reading

Where Is the Freedom in This Land?

Free verse poem by Richard Iyall Why was this country formed, this country called United States? Did notthe founders seek their freedom and their independence from a kingwho ruled its people with [...] Continue Reading

Raisin City Water-Faucet

By Stephen Barile There is a well,a submersible-pump,pressure-tank and archaicbrass-faucet on the end of a steel-pipesticking out of the groundat the south extremity of Raisin City Park,a [...] Continue Reading

Poetry Corner – April 2020

Meditation By Diego Rivera Lost in My Mind travel/My biggest wars are mind battles/Concentrated thoughts/ through galaxies/And Planet Rocks/I feel the cool darkness as I pray towards the [...] Continue Reading

Poetry Corner – December 2018

What Is Christmas? By Richard D. Iyall, Cowlitz Christmas is the time of year to be with those you love; for sights and smells, for jingle bells; the shining star above; for ice and snow, for [...] Continue Reading