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25 Months

By Tiffany A. Potter Well, loves, this month marks our 25th month together. Three Januarys ago was my first column, my very first foray into being a columnist. I had no idea what I was doing, probably [...] Continue Reading

The Twilight Zone

  By Tiffany A. Potter Two days post-election at the time of writing… For the record, I believed I was done writing about this election last month, but the truth is I’m still reeling. I don’t [...] Continue Reading


  By Tiffany A. Potter Well, kids, we made it. We are finally at the finish line of this 16-month race that will produce our next president, and I, for one, am exhausted. I’m exhausted from [...] Continue Reading


The past four weeks have been exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. Let me explain. When I was a little girl, every Election Day, my mom would take me with her to our neighborhood polling [...] Continue Reading


  One girl’s journey through conscious living. By Tiffany A. Potter I began my column over a year and a half ago with a promise to myself that I would not hold back or shy away from being as [...] Continue Reading


  By Tiffany A. Potter Confession: I am finding it hard not to lose faith in humanity at the moment. I’m not proud of it, and I’m sure it will pass though it sometimes doesn’t feel like it will, [...] Continue Reading


My ex-husband once said to me as we were having a conversation about some big life plan I had at the time and my anxiety surrounding it, “Tiffany, you always get everything you want.” And with the [...] Continue Reading


By Tiffany A. Potter Most days this is where I live, in the gray. The older I get the more acutely aware I am that life is not black and white; but rather, a perpetual shade of gray. We’re most [...] Continue Reading

Showing Up

By Tiffany A. Potter Here is something I know as truth, that one of the character traits I value most in this world is the ability, and whole-hearted willingness, to “show up” for me. As I’ve gotten [...] Continue Reading


By Tiffany A. Potter I have been listening to a lot of folk music from the “60’s and ‘70’s, lately. I didn’t realize it at first but became more aware of it when I chose to watch my third PBS special [...] Continue Reading

My Hustle Hiatus

By Tiffany A. Potter Here’s what I know as fact: I’ve lost my mind. I am knee deep in launching a global company and I can’t even remember my own phone number. I literally had to take a screen shot [...] Continue Reading

Paper Shredder v. Oprah

By Tiffany A. Potter As I sat down to write this month’s column I had the rough draft sitting in front of me and it was good (I think), it was poignant (I think), it was current and topical; and then [...] Continue Reading