By Tiffany A. Potter

Well, kids, we made it. We are finally at the finish line of this 16-month race that will produce our next president, and I, for one, am exhausted. I’m exhausted from taking up the charge for human decency, I’m exhausted from weariness at the realization that there are people who not only accept, but worst yet, support the bottom-feeder behavior of someone who could possibly sit in our nation’s highest office and have say over our lives. I’m exhausted from those who kiss his ass (Giuliani, I’m talkin’ to you and your political cronies in his camp) as his surrogates and continue, day after day, to defend such wretched and vile behavior.

In a few short days, we will know if experience, intelligence, common sense, kindness, and professionalism will win out over the antithesis of these. I am sure that most of you, like myself, have already decided who you will be voting for; and I just pray to all that is good and holy that you will make the right decision for this country, for our future, for our children, for our global allies, for our political position in this world, and for our collective world peace. No one running makes me swoon with pride and hopefulness, but one candidate is certainly better than the rest (and for the record, I blame all of this on Joe Biden, had he run, we more than likely wouldn’t be in half the mess we find ourselves in, but I digress).

At the end of my first marriage, as my husband and I were sitting in our therapists’ office and I was trying desperately to convince him to stay while he wanted me to understand why he couldn’t; we found ourselves talking the issue to death. Finally, our doctor said, “Ya know, guys, sometimes there’s just nothing more to say.” So this month’s column is much shorter than usual because I’m employing that sage and logical advice from years ago which has proven handy time and time again. Oh, of course, I could launch into the atrocities of this campaign as of late, talk about his bullying, illogical, women degrading, sex offending, racist, and maniacal behavior; but at the end of the day, sometimes there’s just nothing left to say that will change the outcome.

Happy voting, loves.


Tiffany is a disability consultant, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, and change agent.

Find her at:

Instagram: Tiffanys_Take.columnist


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