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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

By Tiffany A. Potter A few of my core, life-affirming, rebel-rousing, compassion-driven, spiritual, open-minded beliefs that carry me through my days and color every decision and choice I make are as [...] Continue Reading


By Tiffany A. Potter I am happy to state the obvious in reporting that we have made it through another year, collectively and as individuals. We had been given another year to grow, to atone, to [...] Continue Reading

Having It All

By Tiffany A. Potter Five and a half years ago, when my company was a brand new baby to the world (as all businesses created typically become the creator’s child), when I hadn’t a logo or tax [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: Memories and Thanks

By Tiffany A. Potter Storyland reopened on Sept. 4, and I couldn’t be happier for it. I consider it a jewel of this town that we live in (a town that outsiders seldom have anything nice to say [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: Inspiration

I got nothin’. I’ve sat down to write this month’s column more than a few times and, ultimately, my steadfast process seems to have turned on me. Nothing (and I mean, nothing) has flowed from my [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: Protect Those Dreams

By Tiffany A. Potter This is what I have learned the hard way, dreams are scary to people who have never been taught how to, or given permission to, think big. Whether they were never afforded the [...] Continue Reading


By Tiffany A. Potter Until two weeks ago, I was a derby virgin. And now, much like my sex life in my early 20s, I wonder what took me so long. Roller derby is a team skating competition on roller [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: Let Me Use It

By Tiffany A. Potter One of the most precious things I have in my home, my sanctuary from the world, is a simple plaque that hangs on the wall. On it I have painted {RUNNING} and below it holds on [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: Fox Hole

By Tiffany A. Potter  Thus far, in our months together, I have not officially explained what I do in my professional life and only alluded to it, but I will tell you now. I own my own consulting firm. [...] Continue Reading

Tiffany’s Take: I Love Office Supplies

By Tiffany A. Potter  I always have. And not just “I don’t mind that I have to go to Office Depot today,” but the “I need to find a reason to go to Office Depot today” kind of love. Since as early as [...] Continue Reading