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By Ben Monterroso Among the responsibilities and tasks of a modern state is the collecting and keeping of specific data about the population to be governed. It is important to appropriately implement [...] Continue Reading

TPS and Forced Migration

By Stan Santos A History of Forced Migration The history of immigration to the United States from the south is one of forced migration. Waves of immigrants flee their homes to escape violence and [...] Continue Reading

Where Is Our Humanity?

By Ruth Gadebusch Almost as regular as clockwork, another vehicle filled with people in desperate straits is found in one of our southern border areas. They are packed in with no provisions, be it [...] Continue Reading

War on Immigrant Families Escalates

By Stan Santos Winter 2018 The cold settles in on another dry winter and the fields, orchards and packing operations are in full swing as the land continues to provide its gifts. During this time, [...] Continue Reading


By Samuel Molina and Giselle Gasca In 2017, immigrant allies and advocates, including Mi Familia Vota, spent much of their time advocating for the continuation of the Deferred Action for Childhood [...] Continue Reading

The Passing of Rufino Dominguez

By Eduardo Stanley On Nov. 11, well-known immigrant and indigenous people’s rights activist Rufino Dominguez Santos, 52, died in Fresno. Dominguez was the co-founder of the Binational Front of [...] Continue Reading