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More Than Taxes

By Ruth Gadebusch Despite all the uproar about taxes—unfair, too little, too much, affecting the wrong people, exemptions, etc.—they are necessary. However, they are not the only wealth sustaining [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – Dec. 2012

An Open Letter to President Obama…from Michael Moore Monday, November 19, 2012 Dear President Obama: Good luck on your journeys overseas this week, and congratulations on decisively winning your [...] Continue Reading

Can Solar Calm the Coming Storm?

By Tom Cotter Going solar is a part of solving the climate disruption we are experiencing. Though climate change failed to emerge as a topic during the 2012 presidential debates, New York Mayor [...] Continue Reading

Where Am I?

By Maria Telesco On election night, a TV pundit proclaimed, “Tomorrow, half the people will be happy, and the other half will be angry.” The problem is, he failed to tell me which group I’d be in, [...] Continue Reading

Don’t Count Him Out

Dr. Jean Kennedy Despite how many people felt about President Barack Obama, he is back to serve us for another four years. What does this mean for minorities? Why did America vote Obama back in for [...] Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor – November 2012

Destination San Quentin After a long, arduous, five-day involuntary sojourn on five state prison transportation buses covering hundreds of miles, “layover/stops” at nine prisons (from northern [...] Continue Reading

Consolidation: This Is Called Progress?

By Ruth Gadebusch It is generally accepted that organizations don’t change when fat and sassy. Only when lean and hungry is change made coming not from outside but by insiders reaching out. If this [...] Continue Reading

Farmers versus Pharmaceuticals

By Sister Occupy Sister Sheila is fond of saying: “Toothless meth addicts are our main crop here in the Valley.” I am working with Sister Sheila on her diplomacy skills, but her honesty cannot be [...] Continue Reading