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Recall Supervisor Nathan Magsig

By Linda Tubach Fresno County Supervisor Nathan Magsig has led the Fresno County Board of Supervisors to decide to sue the State of California to stop the replacement of S— Valley’s racist and [...] Continue Reading

Wokeness and the Great Fear of History

While teaching American history survey courses at Fresno State, I handed out questionnaires on the first day of class. Three key questions were 1) How do you view historical events (conservatively, [...] Continue Reading

Hate Is to Be Stopped

On Jan. 25, the Community Alliance newspaper and the San Joaquin Valley Media Alliance held their second “stop the hate” town hall at Central East High School in Fresno. Expert panelists and [...] Continue Reading

Dustup over Naming of Yokuts Valley

It’s the beginning of 2023, and already we’re having a dustup over the new name of Yokuts Valley. But first the good news: On Feb. 2, CalTrans took down two official green highway signs that [...] Continue Reading

Stop the Hate Town Hall in Madera

You are invited to the next Stop the Hate town hall on March 28 at 5 p.m. at the Pan America Community Center (703 Sherwood Way) in Madera. This is the third Stop the Hate town hall in the Central [...] Continue Reading

Community Unites Against Hate

Speakers at the Jan. 25 Stop the Hate Town Hall identified the path to ending the violence against marginalized communities: Report all incidents of hate crimes, increase solidarity between impacted [...] Continue Reading